52 Weeks of Happy (26/52)

Keeping happy this week means keeping warm and comfortable. So I have been...

♥ wearing either thick tights under skirts and boots or knee length socks under trousers

♥ wearing socks in bed
♥ enjoying a few extra hot toasty minutes in the shower each morning
♥ eating up 'lost' Christmas chocs

We have been wishing each other Happy Christmas this week. Can Easter really be less than a week away?

Soo looking forward to Easter, summertime hours, warmer weather and more chocs.

How about you?

Be happy xo


  1. There is nothing like 'lost' chocolates, other than 'found' chocolates.

  2. There is a multiple sock situation in this house too. I wish I could find some "lost" Christmas chocs! x

  3. Multiple layers in our house too - just can't seem to get warm!

  4. Ditto here: leggings under everything, socks in bed, chocolate eating (keeping warm uses up lots of energy doesn't it?), and when we played Balderdash in front of the woodburner on Sunday, my son said it felt just like Christmas!

  5. Ooh lost christmas chocs sounds good! Fingers crossed for a little warmer weather over Easter, with lots of chocolate! xx

  6. Here is Holland also very cold! ( and wearing socks in bed).


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