Shine On My Crazy Diamond

I have to be honest, 

I married my husband because (amongst other things) he...

can cook

was in a band and plays an instrument (guitar)
can draw/is creative 
is kind
makes me laugh

He's a big Pink Floyd fan and today, as well as his birthday, it just happens to be the 40th anniversary of the release of Dark Side of the Moon. 

Btw hubs is the long-haired head banger mid shot - just love the passion. Photo circa 1980.

Happy Birthday xo

Shine on my crazy diamond 


  1. love the photo! Happy Birthday to the hubby!

  2. Great photo. I hope you and your hubby enjoy the celebrations. x

  3. Your husband has many wonderful attributes and being a Pink Floyd fan makes him just about perfect I'd say :)
    It's a great photo - and Happy Birthday to him!

  4. Cool photo!
    Hope your hubby had a great day - belated happy birthday!

  5. Hehe, apart from the 'can cook' bit and the birth date, our husbands sound identical! Our eldest son's middle name is Gilmour in deference to Pink Floyd's David Gilmour so yes, they share a music passion too. Hope he had an ace day!

  6. I love this Claire! You married a rock star. My husband plays guitar too and it's one of the things I loved about him when we were dating, him strumming and singing while I was studying for college exams. He still plays guitar a lot in the evenings.

  7. My spouse, too! He still has a room full of gear. We both owned copies of Dark Side of the Moon before we met.

  8. I could have wrote this post! That picture, takes me back to when my husband had long hair, well actually his is disappearing, sore point for someone who loved his long hair! I've had a nosy around your blog, love some of your images here! :) x


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