Grow Old With Me

Grow old with me
Let us share what we see
Oh the best it could be
You and I

Tom Odell Grow Old With Me

Hi there, hope you've had a good weekend.

We have.

Friday night was date night/birthday treat - Tom Odell at The Birmingham Institute. One of the threads that binds our relationship together is a shared passion for live music. Oldest hipsters in town and all that jazz...

The venue didn't disappoint with tangible excitement hanging in the air the moment we walked in. Tom Odell was superb belting out his intimate, effervescent songs. He was on top form, friendly, confident and generously handing a bottle of tequila to the small crowd. Our only concern was over exposure - will such young talent suffer from being over marketed and will he lose his musical integrity? I hope not.

One of the joys of live music is discovering new talent that you haven't experienced before. Whilst Tom didn't disappoint, the evening for me was made by his support guest Rae Morris. A nineteen year old female singer/songwriter from Blackpool she won us over with her amazing rasping voice, beautiful soaring tunes, beauty (such hair) and natural unassuming manner. I hope you enjoy her voice as much as we did.

Have a great week.



  1. sounds like a great weekend. I've had a relaxed one myself, tinkering online, and a lovely fresh walk today.

  2. Have just read the "sausages" post - isn't it wonderful when things turn out so well? Great sketch by your husband,too.

    What a fabulous night you had with Tom O'Dell and Rae Morris! Live music performances by favourite artists are a special treat, especially if the venue is a more intimate one.
    My weekend was special too as it involved celebrations with family,friends and good food.

    1. Thanks Megan. Glad you enjoyed your special weekend. Have a good week xo

  3. Sounds like you had fun, happy birthday.

  4. Wow, love Rae Morris.Never heard of her before...like a wonderful Tori Amos, but better!


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