52 Weeks of Happy (20/52)

Hello. Another week of simple happy things although not so simple this week (I've been spoilt).

♥ Pancakes - I got it right this year and made enough batter mix to keep everyone happy. Savoury pancakes, sweet pancakes and boozy Baileys pancakes.
♥ Coffee at home this morning. A moment of calm.
♥ Kindness and surprises: home made birthday cake, a magazine, chocs and this lovely plant. Thank you.
♥ Lighting a candle makes an evening feel more special.

Thank you all for my birthday wishes and comments this week. And welcome to my new followers. 

Enjoy the rest of the week xo


  1. boozy baileys pancakes, wow! you do know how to live! lots of goodies there,enjoy, Heather x

  2. Lots of 'happy' there. :-)

    Sue xx

  3. Great happy things. Bailey on pancakes - why has this never occurred to me??

    Gillian x


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