For My Valentine

I know my husband can cook. In fact this is one of the reasons I married him. Moving into our new house in June hubs announced  "I'm going to cook more in this house". I was sceptical and wrong. He is cooking more and is cooking ME a Valentines meal on Thursday (no cards or pressies just dinner à deux).

Yes, I know, I am one lucky lady but I can't let him steal the show completely can I? (my inner Monica coming out). So I have offered to do dessert. Do you think this will do the trick? Rhubarb & ginger crème brulée from Wealden Times.



  1. That dessert looks so delicious and I think you have a win/win situation with your husband :)
    We don't give presents on Valentine's Day either but always have a special dinner at home as restaurant/cafe prices are always much higher on that day. My husband can cook but doesn't very often - maybe he will be like your husband and when we downsize he will be more motivated !

  2. My husband can't cook (neither can I really!), but I always make something special on Valentines Day - although this week we're having it on Friday as hubby will be at his Portuguese lesson :)

    Creme Brulee is my favourite dessert! Enjoy!

  3. Ah here is the recipe! How did I miss this post?! My mouth literally waters when I think of this.


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