March 2013 Goals

I'm looking forward to March. Are you?

Longer, lighter days make it a great month to be lured into action. 
I'm making my goals list just a little longer this month... I hope I can do it. 

I've discovered setting mini-goals month by month helps to motivate me and there's no shame in not achieving them all.


1. Post about bedroom decluttering on my Making Room series.
2. Plan a simple garden makeover. The main thing will be to get rid of the small lawn and be lawn free – no more mowing for us. More time to chill - yay!
3. Ebay/sell some items to fund our garden makeover.
4. Have a digital declutter – my phone/laptop/camera all need a good edit.
5. Spend less than last month on groceries. I need to continue to use my spending diary and spend more time menu planning simple meals.
6. Plan our son's 18th birthday in April.
7. Select items for my next attempt at Project 333 towards the end of the month.
8. We will also be going on holiday over Easter and I'm planning to pack my lightest wardrobe to date.
9. Hubs has requested a low-key birthday but with a 'show-stopper' cake. Is he winding me up?

No pressure then – I suppose I'd better get baking.

What are your hopes/plans for March? Please share.




  1. hopes for March are to write more! I'd like to learn how to take photos too, and might look into a course or something, when I've finished my current one. I want to get back on the decluttering as well, as I've had a long break from it. These goals sound great, and I love the fact that you have no obligation to do them all. They are the best kind of goal-lists :)

  2. I'm so looking forward to lighter mornings/evenings!

    Great idea about going lawn free - we plan to do this eventually too. I have great garden plans, just not the capability to go with them :)

    Good luck this month :)

  3. Hmm - a "low key" birthday with a "show-stopper cake" - a contradiction, surely! Good luck with that. :-)

    My thoughts always turn to the garden, DIY and decorating about now.

    Gillian x

  4. Hoping to move more as the weather cheers up - lots more walking, as I already eat pretty well but need to shift some weight! The dog will like that :)
    I also need to sort out cars: one to declutter and one (tiny one!) to replace after 17 yrs!
    And lastly, I am working on having a 6 Items wardrobe for each month this year - I haven't been able to get along with 333 and have had trial holiday runs so think this might work for me...


Thanks for reading and leaving your comments. Keep in touch xo