Big Hugs...

Fourteen years ago today, on Pancake Day, our youngest son came into this world.

Born quickly and easily, on his due date, he slipped into our life as if he'd always been there. A baby who didn't want to sleep, a toddler who didn't stop asking questions, a young child eager to try new things and a teenager who loves a good argument but is always ready with a hug and a caring word. 

He loves art, films, technology, composing music and is a maths legend. For his birthday he's been to the cinema with his friends and is going to build his own computer. Our whizz kid.

Happy birthday Pancake.

Big hugs xo


  1. happy birthday pancake boy hope you have had a lovely day x

  2. Happy Birthday to your son.Hope he has a brilliant day :)

  3. Lovely words. Happy birthday to your boy.

    Gillian x


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