Happy Weekend

This morning I spent a lovely morning taking my Mum and Dad out. Shopping to spend Mum's Christmas vouchers, coffee and cake and on our return a potter around their beautifully established garden. 

There was warmth in the air and signs-of-spring-a-plenty. Camera at the ready I was in gardening and blogger heaven. 

Have a happy weekend and as always thanks for reading.


  1. Such beautiful flowers :)Have a happy weekend too!

  2. beautiful! have a lovely weekend.

  3. beautiful! I don't seem to have any flowers in my garden at the moment, or perhaps I need to go out there and have a look! Heather x

  4. Gorgeous photos.

    We have hundreds of Snowdrops in our garden and in the woods that surround us at the moment and I can't help but bend down over and over whilst I am walking the dogs and turning up those pretty little heads for a look at the exquisite delicacy of the flower inside.

    Oh to be a centimetre tall and walk through a forest of Snowdrops :-)

    Sue xx

  5. Hi I just nominated you for a Leibster Award.

  6. How lovely! I just saw the first daffodils here yesterday. I'm so excited about spring and lots of new beginnings.


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