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As a newbie frugal shopper I have only recently discovered Approved Food (I can't remember which blog it was where I first read about it but thank you who ever it was). Approved Food is an on line retailer that is able to offer fantastic discounts on a huge range of food and household items basically because it sells short dated or out of date best before produce. I was wary of short dated or out of date food but having read up on it I feel confident that using food after the 'best before' is safe.

Pictured above is my second Approved Food order which, after a delivery charge, came to £23.24 (RRP £56.33). The order came super fast after a text message specifying an exact one hour slot delivery time, it was expertly packaged and all the food was in good condition. The best before dates vary - none of this order was past its best before date and many had several months left. The size of the box was huge but a lot of it was packaging - just make sure you have enough room in your cupboards because it is tempting to overbuy because of the reduced prices. At the moment I'm planning to do one order a month to grab some bargains and also pick up some interesting items that I might not normally come across at the usual supermarkets.

What I like about this retailer are some amazing deals (12 x2 naan bread packs for £1) and heavily reduced quality items. There is also a good range of special diet foods (gluten free for example). Oh and it accepts PayPal too which always makes life easier.

I managed to squeeze 6 of the naan breads into my freezer, we've eaten one pack and I have 5 to go. Naan bread pizza, panini and curry for next week's menu me thinks. 

Have you tried Approved Food or do you use a similar on line retailer? Please share.



  1. I know a lot of people do buy from them. I wondered if you had to buy a large minimum order. There are only two of us.

  2. Delivery charge is £5.25 for a maximum order of 25 kg. It's comparable to on delivery charges from major supermarkets. I was unsure but was pleased with what I got for my money and it's useful for stock piling a few bargains (if you have a bit of spare cupboard space).

  3. I love it and have been using Approved Foods for a couple of years now (there's a link on my Blog that I use to get straight there so it's nice and easy).

    Elizabeth, there is a minimum order of just £15 that they recently introduced, but it is quite easy to reach this if you buy a few things in bulk that you can fit in your store cupboards.

    I always love it that they specify virtually exact times for the delivery AND stick to it, and unpacking the boxes when they arrive always feels like Christmas :-)

    Sue xx

  4. I'm not a stockpiler but I've heard nothing but good reports about Approved Foods, think it's a great service. Love the fact they send a text with the delivery time -such a small thing but would make a massive difference to my day. I hate that feeling of hanging around.

  5. Interesting - I had not heard of them so thanks for sharing. What a saving. Seriously though, I have to wonder why toilet paper has a sell by/use by date!!

    Gillian x

  6. I have heard of this but didn't really know what it was or how it works, so thanks for that. My only worry would be that I might be tempted to but more treats as they would be cheaper! Although the treats do find there way here anyway!! Heather x

  7. We have a lot of food-salvage stores around here (many of them are run by the Amish). I've gotten organic food cheaply, which really helps the budget.

  8. Looks like you got lots of bargains - I was really pleased with my order and will probably do another one eventually.

  9. Hmmm. I wonder if the U.S. has something like this. There's been a lot of talk about the reasoning behind "best by" and "use by" dates lately - seems they don't mean much after all. Imagine all the food that's been thrown in the garbage (I guess that's what retailers were hoping, for us to buy more often . . . grrrr).


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