Hope Springs Eternal

The air has been bitter here this weekend, almost biting, and tiny flecks of snow have come and gone. 
It doesn't feel like spring is anyway near. 
But it will come and I want to be ready. 
So, nestled by my fire, I've been dreaming of warmer days: making changes to my tiny garden, going on holiday at Easter, putting together my spring and summer wardrobe and maybe even being able to sit outside somewhere to enjoy a coffee or lunch. Not long now, please...

What are you dreaming of doing when the weather gets warmer? Please share.


  1. A spring tidy in my garden is on the list, once it gets warmer.

  2. A tidy in the garden is on our list, plus some nice days out when the weather is better :) plus some ice cream!

  3. We've been gazing at plant catalogues, planning for the Spring!

  4. I couldn't agree more, roll on spring. The bulbs are up, it won't be long.

  5. I have to move my compost bins so I am ready for a sunny day, the ground where they stand will house my squash plants which will hoover up all that nutrient rich soil. long walks over the footpaths rather than slogging through mud and slush will be good also.

  6. Cannot wait. I'm just so sick of feeling chilled.

  7. Wearing less layers and planting out the veggie beds. Dog walking without looking like the Mitchelin man wrapped in a duvet.

    Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.


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