52 Weeks of Happy (22/52)

Linking in with Jen and looking back over last week - thinking of the happy, simple things. 

Here goes.

♥ Mmm... fries. This weekend my parents treated ten of us to a meal out. It was lovely to be together and see my brother and his family, especially as my niece had been ill over Christmas and we didn't get to see her. We have a thing about trying the chips/fries whenever we eat out. These passed the test.
♥ Sweet hyacinths from my Mum in law; a gift for our 'Happy Friday' meal.
♥ Clean sheets. I hate/loathe/put off changing beds but love the results. A fresh, clean bed is high up on my list of favourite things (it's on my sidebar's list of simple pleasures already).
♥ A few hours spent decluttering and rearranging things. Meet Snoopy from my husband's childhood - kindly passed on to me.

Hope you're well. Hello to readers and followers old and new - thank you for commenting on my recent posts. It's been a good week.

Be happy xo



  1. Those chips look yummy! :-)

    Sue xx

  2. I feel like you about changing beds....but the results are so worthwhile, fresh scented linen, mmmm!

  3. Ooh those chips look good :)

  4. Fries. Hyacinths. Clean sheets. These too are some of my favorite things. As a matter of fact I always say that if heaven does exist I hope there are clean sheets on my bed every night. . . now THAT would be heaven.

  5. Hi there Snoops. I have this one too :) x

  6. Hi, I love this idea and try to do something every day to make me smile.

    Julie Q

  7. Oh stop, you got me drooling over your fries photograph! Lovely nappies, have a gorgeous week! /maria x

  8. Chips, flowers, clean sheets - oh yes, they are all very good things in my book!

    Those chips really do look very tasty indeed, they are making me hungry...

    Gillian x


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