New Shoots

I couldn't wait to get outside today. Our third day of sunshine and the third day of owning my new camera. I haven't a clue how to use it really so I'm taking it easy and just getting used to the feel of it. Here's what I snapped.

We headed off to the woods about a mile away and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the open views.


Spring shoots forging upwards and lifting the carpet of worn leaves.

Getting carried away with reflections.

I'm enthralled by the seed heads of the plant honesty. I love the name honesty and its latin name is interesting: lunaria annua meaning moon-shaped. Today the sun really highlighted its beautiful silvery opaqueness.

And the best bit... end-of-walk-cake. Yummy - made by hubs, of course.


  1. This warm sun has been glorious, hasn't it? You can imagine spring is coming. In America they call honesty "silver dollar", which I like.

    Gillian x

  2. It's been a lovely day here too...thankfully! I wish my hubby could make cakes - I may introduce the idea ;)

  3. The photos look great! Hasn't it been lovely to see the sun? Happy Birthday to your boy for yesterday...xx

  4. what type of camera have you got ? your pictures are wonderful and I am looking to purchase a new camera.x

    1. Hi Jo after much research I've bought a Canon EOS 110OD. These photos are just done on auto focus - I've yet to master anything else xo

  5. The pictures are beautiful :) I especially like picture number 3.


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