February Goals Update

As we're more than halfway through February I've been reflecting on the goals I set myself at the beginning of the month. I'm so glad I chose even less goals this month because it's been a busy, busy one with two birthdays. I find going public with my goals really spurs me into action. Here's my progress to date.

1. Try a different cocktail on my birthday. Ooh yes. I was treated to a cosmopolitan. Perfect for winter.

2. Spend less on groceries and keep a daily spending diary. Oops no. Spending under control but no recording.

3. Cook at least once for friends or family. Yes, we are cooking for family on Friday - a French menu is planned.

4. Finish decluttering our bedroom. Almost there with this one and I'll be posting the results soon.

5. Buy a DSLR camera with my combined Christmas and birthday money. Yes, very happy with my purchase.

6. Challenge myself to write something other than a blog post. Yes, I'm writing a piece for a newspaper competition. If it doesn't get published then I'll post it here. It's something I was thinking of writing about anyway.

7. Celebrate Valentine's Day our way without buying anything that is being specifically marketed for this occasion. We had a lovely intimate meal which marked the day in just the same way as presents or cards would have done. It felt a little strange not sending cards but I don't think our relationship has suffered. Weird that we feel compelled to send cards on a certain day that has no personal significance to us.

How's your February been so far? Please share.




  1. Yum...Cosmo... ;-) Good job with the goals! February is definitely better than January. Every day is sunnier than the last!

    Bethany@Journey To Ithaca (formerly Our So-Called Life)

  2. Other than being sick, February has been great. A few sunny days, lots of goo bday celebrations and health...can't ask for more :)

  3. February has been pretty good for me.

    I started to feel better after the awful flu I had, we have three birthdays this month (one still to come) two sons and a sister, the sun shone and actually warmed me up a bit (if I stood in the right place and the wind didn't find me). My budget went a bit haywire but through sneaky means I managed to gain back control (don'tcha just love vouchers) and there's still seven days to go.

    Not bad at all.

    And I've never tasted a Cosmopolitan, something I must rememdy at the first possible opportunity, glad you enjoyed yours :-)

    Sue xx

  4. Seems you are pretty much on target with your February goals! My goal of selling is not looking good for February but there's always March to hope for I suppose.
    By the way, did you get to see Tom O'Dell on the Brit awards?

    1. He wasn't on the main show but was on an additional show (itv 2 or 3) later, performing in the artists' lounge. Quite scary for a 22 year old. Seeing him in just over a week - March 1st.
      Good luck for a March house sale - we had no viewers between November and December but then sold the next month so stick with it xo

    2. Hi Claire, thanks for the encouragement!
      Just letting you know that one of your posts has been put up as a link on an Australian website I follow called 365 Less Things. It's in today's Friday Favourites posts. XXX

    3. Thanks Megan - you're right. How about that then? xo

  5. I'm so glad that you've been able to move forward on so many of your goals. And I hope I get to see what was on that French menu for the dinner. It sounds like you are going to have a great time.


  6. Mmmmm . . . cosmopolitans are delish.

    You've done a great job with your list of goals. I'm curious to hear about the writing you're doing.

  7. oh well done. I still haven't posted my goals! I keep rolling them over to the next month. I'm sort of getting there, still some major ones to tackle though! Heather x

  8. I have a tough time with my grocery budget, as well. But, as long as you're cooking good food, I think it's a wash! :)



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