52 Weeks of Happy (10/52)

Hello there. This week's happies for me:

1. My Mum buying my boys (and niece and nephew) Advent calendars.

2. Listening to Jo Whiley on playback whilst doing the dreaded ironing.
3. Snoops and hot water bottle for snuggly bedtimes.
4. Our nearly-illegible-family-heirloom Tala measuring cup (it's been in the dishwasher a few times by accident). We use it a lot - it's neat.

Am I allowed a sneaky 5th? 

5. Baby news: work colleague, neighbour and now Kate (& Will). I blame those summer happies - you know Jubilee, Olympics, Paralympics... 

Have a happy week ♥



  1. Snoopy cannot fail to make you feel happy! I have tea towel snap with you too! Xx

  2. Hello Claire. Loved reading your "happies" - it's so true that real happiness comes from appreciating the small daily pleasures in our life. The Project 333 is a great idea isn't it? Looking forward to hearing how it works for you!I'm currently doing the "turn the hanger around" thing so I can see at the end of the season exactly what I haven't worn. If it hasn't got a very good excuse then it's out! Megan x

  3. The ironing can't be all that bad with a lovely rob ryan tea towel to press! ;-) Loving that Tala jug too!

  4. How can you bear to use that beautiful tea towel ... it would be a special one for hanging up and admiring in this house ... it would be the only way to keep it beautiful :) ... lovely happies ... have a great week ... Bee xx

  5. I know what you mean but posh tea towels are an affordable luxury I allow myself.I also love vintage ones. I change them regularly but accidents do happen. Got the Rob Ryan one from Yorkshire Sculpture Park back in March and it's still presentable xo

  6. claire i love this sant on minimilism cosy warm and chic no more , no less ,just what you need, appreciating what you already have in life, and not wanting more.

  7. I have tea towel envy! I like radio 4 when i am ironing, especially if it's woman's hour. A lovely selection of happy things. x

  8. Love your Snoopy and the tea towel too! I'm so rubbish at ironing, I am lucky though as my husband is quite keen. This definitely makes me happy (and uncreased)!


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