52 Weeks of Happy... (11/52)

And so another week of happy simple things. 
And another week nearer to Christmas - eek!

These little things have made me happy this week.

1. 4 gorgeous magazines to savour. They were kindly brought over from 
    France for me by my Mum-in-law.
2. Monster slippers in my youngest son's bedroom.
3. Using up toiletries from last Christmas. You know... the posh ones you  
    don't want to use.
4. Our white paper star with battery operated lights. I like it unlit too.

 Have a happy week 


  1. Nice happy things! Can you read French? I am impressed, those magazines look tempting. And I really like the little wooden bird sitting next to your fancy toiletries. x

    1. Shabby style, kitch, arty ethnique all titles found in these mags - so I get along fine with my limited French. Little bird 1 of 2 - a sweet charity shop find a while ago xo

  2. Great happy things. French magazines? C'est chic! x

  3. Oh yummy ... French magazines ... and your star is beautiful ... Bee xx


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