Minimalist Monday: The Greatest Gift

A GREAT GIFT you can give yourself this Christmas is minimalism. 

Many of us have lives that are busy, over-scheduled and time-pressured. So why do we complicate our lives by acquiring more possessions and taking on more commitments?

There are many benefits of minimalism. Living with less possessions and leading a less money-orientated lifestyle can enrich your life in ways that may surprise you.

As you simplify your life you will find that there are many benefits to minimalism that cannot be seen. Minimalists have less than others on the surface but on an inner level their lives are fuller and more complete. Minimalism is a key that can unlock your true potential. Here's how.

1. Minimalism can improve your health and happiness. Less stuff to organise and less chaos in your home will reduce your stress levels. You will have more time to devote to activities that relax you. Having more quality time for yourself will improve your mental well being. Minimalists often make more time for healthy eating and regular exercise. They connect with nature more often and find pleasure in the simplest of things.

2. Minimalism will improve your relationship with others. As you become less obsessed with material possessions you will become less self-centred. You will find that time spent with friends and family is more rewarding than pursuing your ego through shopping or endless beauty treatments. Helping others is a known way to improve your feelings of happiness and self-worth. You can appreciate what you have rather than what you do not have.

3Minimalism can strengthen your character. You have to take risks to grow and change. Minimalism cannot be undertaken without making changes and sometimes difficult ones. One of the best ways to grow as a person is to experience challenges and overcome obstacles. Yet many of us resist change because of feelings of insecurity. As a minimalist you will have to overcome fears and be open to change. Reducing your possessions or limiting your commitments isn't easy even when done on a small scale. Sometimes letting go of just one item can be very difficult. However, as you challenge yourself to live with less you will find you become stronger: more resourceful, more resilient and less reliant on outward material things for your happiness. 

4. Minimalism can open you to new experiences and enable you to find hidden talents. Eliminating activities from your life that are of negative value can open up possibilities for trying new hobbies and interests. In the same way that you have challenged yourself to live with less you may find the courage to follow dreams that have lain dormant for years. If you try new things you may discover something that you enjoy or excel in.

5. Minimalism leads to self-discovery. It helps you to be honest with yourself. When you stop filling the gaps in your life with shopping and status driven pursuits you will have to confront your inner self. Having more time and less distractions means that you have to confront aspects of your personality that are difficult to deal with. You will have to confront your weaknesses and addictions and find healthier alternatives. By getting to know and understand yourself better you can begin to overcome problems that may have held you back for years.

Many people become interested in minimalism because they want to declutter and become less attached to material possessions. This is how it started for me. I read accounts of how minimalists had reduced their possessions, the size of their homes, created capsule wardrobes and simplified their lifestyles. I was tempted by the allure of a simpler life but I wasn't sure if I could live with less and make such radical changes. I began my minimalist journey by first decluttering and then simplifying my life. 

For me minimalism is a tool to creating a better quality of life. It is a journey I have just only begun but I have already found many surprising benefits to minimalism. I urge you to try it yourself. 

Has minimalism benefited your life? 



  1. I am definitely trying to declutter my life over the next year - the physical and the other "stuff." I have done a little over the past few months and I can already tell that having less "things" will actually make me feel like I have more of the things I really long for - like space, and time, and more authentic living. Thanks for posting this and for inspiring me to keep up the journey.

  2. Thanks Jenny. Good luck with the decluttering. I've added you to my sidebar as I keep missing your posts (which I'm enjoying immensely)xo

  3. I am enjoying the journey.

    We de-cluttered big style last year, selling lots of possessions at car boot sales and donating to charity. Next year we intend to finish off this process by going through our remaining items, things we thought we couldn't live without but now are deciding we can.

    I have just started Project 333 and have my wardrobe finally under control, I just have to dig out those Summer items packed away and make a start on them.

    Next year, for the whole year as we save every spare penny we will be living on and with less.

    Sue xx

    1. Hi Sue, I have found getting my wardrobe under control the hardest part of decluttering too! Finally getting started with Project 333, after contemplating it for months. has been a breakthrough. Good luck with your journey in 2013. xo

  4. Life is definitely less stressful with less stuff! :-)

    Here is a post I wrote, awhile back, on getting started with minimalism: http://oursocalledlife.blog.com/2012/08/18/minimalism-a-beginners-guide/

  5. Claire, all the aspects you mention have benefited my life since I started the minimalist journey. It's amazing how eliminating the excess is so freeing! Megan x

  6. Oh my goodness, hear hear! I totally agree with you on all the benefits and have experienced them myself. I feel like it's not a destination we arrive at but an ongoing experience where we can only unveil more and more benefits as time goes by, or find deeper contentment etc. Our mutual friend Sarah from Down by the Sea told me about your blog given our shared love of minimalism. I'm looking forward to reading more of your journey. Happy new year! (p.s. you looked gorgeous in your coral christmas top and jeans!)

    1. Hi there thank you for this and your other recent comments - and thanks Sarah for introducing us . I shall be popping over to your blog for a good read (especially given your interest in minimalism) xo


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