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With the Christmas celebrations nearly over and the New Year fast approaching I'm using this tiny window of time to reflect on Christmas 2012 and make plans for 2013.

The successes of Christmas 2012

  • I'm pleased that this year Christmas preparations didn't dominate my time too much; I bought less presents and used on line shopping which relieved some of the stresses of previous years.
  • We stuck to our budget but made sure our boys weren't deprived.
  • Most of the gifts I gave and received were useful items, experiences or consumables. 
  • I enjoyed the lead up to Christmas by seeing live music, visiting a German market, carol singing and a works party.
  • Christmas Eve remained special with our usual routine of mass and an evening spent with friends.
  • We've enjoyed the break from work/school routine, catching up with friends and extended family and taking time to relax and just be.
  • I decorated the house with simple decorations. There are items I haven't used and these will be edited out before the Christmas box is taped up for next year.
  • On Boxing Day we were treated to a meal out at a restaurant with close family which gave us all a rest from our kitchens. Thank you.

However, I still feel uncomfortable with the excesses of Christmas. For me, there is still too much food and presents. 

This week I'll be taking a hard look at what's crept back into our home. I want to make space for new things I've received (mainly books and a few clothes) and donate those that are no longer relevant or useful. As Project 333 draws to a close I'm ready to reduce my wardrobe more permanently. Living in a smaller house (no garage, utility or spare room unlike our previous house) means that any excess stuff has no where to hide and I think this is a good thing.

Prior to moving house in June we did some serious decluttering but six months later it is time to rethink what we own and need, now that we have adjusted to our new home. Time for the first declutter of 2013!

I will continue to work towards a more minimal family Christmas in 2013.

I have a whole year of decluttering ahead of me and can't wait to get started.
More about my decluttering activities next week. 
Be back soon...



  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

    I like your idea of reviewing events, habits, etc. and thinking about how your want Christmas 2013 to be is a great idea. Our Christmas was fairly simple and relaxing but we had, and still have!, to much food. I don't want to look at a turkey for a long time, lol! So, I think simplifying the food/cooking part of Christmas 2013 is in the works.

    Thanks again for a great post. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Your Christmas and towards New Year posts have provided much to contemplate. As I journey along a similar path it is encouraging to read about your experiences and how the steps you have taken are enriching your life. We are putting our now too-large-for-our-needs house on the market in January and look forward to reducing our footprint with a much smaller home. Thank you for the wonderful posts and Happy New Year! Megan x

    1. Good luck with the downsizing - making the decision to do it is the hardest part. The rest will follow. Thanks for all your kind words and Happy New Year xo

  3. i am so inspired by your blog, i read it every day, i feel it keeps me on track with the simple life as i find simple is not easy, well done and happy new year x

    1. Thank you for reading regularly and for commenting too. Happy New Year xo

  4. This Christmas has been a much simpler Christmas for us, and yet like you I still feel we can do with even less next year. The decorations will not all be going back in the box for next year, indeed the box itself is going to be a much smaller one that will neatly be hidden away for the year.

    We don't seem to have eaten excessively yet we have felt uncomfortably fuller than normal each day, that is something else we need to address in the new year.

    A New Year.....so much potential for change it's a wonderful fresh start.

    Wishing you and yours all the very best for 2013.

    Sue xx

  5. Yes - totally agree. Spookily enough, my word for 2013 is also focus :)

    Loving your simple pleasures... Have you seen The Simple Things magazine?

    1. Hi Lottie thanks for your support. So far I have resisted buying 'The Simple Things' mag (I know I'd love it, though).I've been reading 91 mag, on line this morning, which was beautiful(and free) xo

  6. Good luck with your declutter. I vow not to let our under-stairs cupboard of doom build up into a clutter hole like it always does! x

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! And, wow, you're hitting the ground running in 2013. You'll have to show us pictures of the results of your decluttering, once it's done. (Or partially done? I don't think decluttering is ever done!)

  8. It sounds (and looks) like a wonderful Christmas.

    Like you I'm still not completely at the stage I want to be with Christmas...but it gets better every year.

    Happy New Year - I'm so glad you started blogging x

  9. I declutter all year round, and I know what you mean about things either creeping in or another 6 months pass and you're ready to let go of more. My husband and I have developed a habit of doing a whole-home purge together after christmas. I get more excited by that than presents I could have received! My immediate family and I decided to give small consumable gifts this year. My husband and I gave each other experiences - a trip to the massage clinic near us!

    1. Now that's a great idea - will run that one past my hubby as a possible gift for another year!

  10. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

    Just how I've been feeling! The excess at Christmas even made me depressed for a while. Ha! Either way, I'm decluttering right now, and so, I feel more free. It feels so right!


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