Towards a Minimal Family Christmas


I took this photo yesterday evening before the tragic events in America were known. When I light it again tonight it will be for those who have tragically died in this terrible incident. My thoughts and prayers go to all those affected.


So, how are you all doing? Coping with the Christmas pressures?

It's very busy here... and I'm sure it's the same where you are too.

This weekend I'm having a pre-Christmas declutter and tidy. As I've become more minimalistic I have questioned the need for Christmas decorations - I think I could happily live without them. Candles and some shiny touches are all I think are needed to give a home a festive touch. However, we are a family and after several discussions we are going to have some minimal Christmas touches: a real tree, indoor and outdoor lights and a few favourite Christmas decorations. In the spring, before we moved house, I had a good edit of our Christmas boxes (we had several large ones) and have kept a limited amount of special decorations. With have two school-age sons so we don't want to go too extreme. They are reaching adulthood and there will many years when we can please ourselves - but for now I want to create some festive homeliness for them.

So today I am tidying and making space for some festive decorations. As we're having a real tree (if we can find a small enough one) we need to make space in the lounge for this. A few decorations will be dotted around but not many and not until I've created room for them by storing some things away or even deciding to permanently remove some items from the house. I'm very aware that there will be new things coming into the house and the house will look more cluttered with more visitors (not that I mind - I love sharing our home at Christmas). Calm but twinkly is the look I'm aiming for.

I will post the results tomorrow - if we find a small enough tree!

If you need a break or a cheer-up here's a link for you 

Luke Sital-Singh - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

A festive track free to download from BBC6. A beautiful modern version of a traditional carol (with a twist) to ease you through the last busy week before Christmas.



  1. We will probably decorate our basement this weekend as well.

    You know--we didn't have room for our tree, 6 years ago, so we moved the entertainment center and television into the closet. It never came out (except to go to the thrift store). ;-)

  2. Thanks so much for taking time to visit my blog. I really appreciate your comments. I so enjoy your blog and have it on my blog list.

    We've really simplified our Christmas and don't decorate as much or buy too many gifts. We're spending more time with family and friends instead and look forward to a relaxing week at home during the Christmas holidays.

    1. Hi Sandra - thanks so much for commenting and having me on your blog list. I look forward to catching up with you xo


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