Happy as a Lark

Here in the UK, it's getting colder and darker day by day as we approach the winter solstice. Worn out by work and the frenzy of Christmas, early mornings are becoming more of a challenge and finding a positive mindset for the day can be a step too far. 

I'm a lark and I love the peace and calm of early mornings. I love the promise of a new day and I am at my most productive in the mornings - but even I'm finding it hard to get going at the moment. Getting up in the dark is just not as energising as waking to spring dawn choruses and summer sunrises. 

This morning was different. Leaving the house for work, I looked out of the window to the most ravishing sky I've seen for a long time. I just had to grab my camera and take a few shots before I jumped in the car.

The sky was swathed in red, purple and pink and illuminated by bursts of yellow and gold. Simply stunning.

I left for work feeling exhilarated. 

Finding beauty when you least expect it is so refreshing.



  1. So beautiful - such amazing colours. x

  2. Beautiful sky, and beautiful words to describe it :)

  3. What a beautiful morning sky ... Bee xx

  4. I kid you not, we had that same sky here in Michigan yesterday. I remember thinking that, in my 34 years of life, I have never seen a more beautiful sunrise. Not on the boat, not anywhere.

    1. Amazing, Bethany. I was knocked over by its beauty too xo

  5. That'a lovely picture, it is such a good start to a morning! I'm glad you captured it and shared it with us before going to work!
    Sarah x


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