Tiny House Love: Archipelago

Hello everybody - some yummy interiors escapism today.

This has got to be my favourite tiny house.

Every time I see it I love it more.

You may have seen it before - it's been featured in various magazines, on Apartment Therapy and even on TV.

Archipelago is a 1970s narrow boat conversion by Dominique Brown , a London based freelance 3D and spatial designer. It's a stunning conversion, using clever space saving tricks such as sliding doors, ingenious folding shelves for working/dining and seating that converts to a double bed. It has the classic backdrop of white with touches of grey and some splashes of bright colours. 

Although only 9m long and under 2m wide there is still room for personal touches such as a few books, pictures and rugs. 

A fine example of minimal living in the UK, it's just the sort of stylish and cosy minimal space that I love.

On her blog Dominique says:

By maintaining a light, simple look throughout, with reflective and smooth textures, the overall feel of the space is much larger than it truly is. With the ability to move where we please and whenever we feel, this economical yet designer way of living sets the scene for many young couples looking for a relaxed and serene alternative to city commuting.
Sadly it went up for sale in September - I hope it continues to be loved.

See here and here for more.



  1. I have not seen it before and I am very impressed! Love it!

  2. I love it. We're hopefully going to live on a narrow boat after my son grows up - at least that's the plan! So good tips here. x

  3. This is very inspirational Claire. We are about to make the move from large family home to a small apartment and it's great to see how little space one really needs. Megan x

  4. Oh I've never seen this before! Isn't it lovely? X


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