Calm and Bright

The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore. My children loved this poem when they were little. There was even one year when they performed it to us
- the eldest reading it aloud and our younger son acting it out. Hilarious and so, so sweet.

That's what Christmas is all about isn't it? Fun and family. Fraught at times but giving us lots of precious memories.

For me it's also about one baby born lowly, one calm and bright evening, long ago.

Savour the moment that is Christmas Eve. 

... I'll be back later to sign off for Christmas.



  1. I also love to savor Christmas Eve, it's almost more fun than the big day! Happy Christmas to you Claire. x

  2. One of my favorites to. Wishing you and your family and Very Merry Christmas!
    xoxo, Shari


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