Twelve Great Things

Yesterday was 12.12.12 
A rare and supposedly lucky date.

And its only 12 more sleeps 'til Christmas - eeps!

This year's quickly drawing to a close... It's got me thinking about my twelve great things of 2012. Here they are.

1. Selling our house in January. 

2. Hubby's 50th birthday bash in March with a barrel of beer in 'The Queen's Shed' (our emptied garden shed).
3. Holiday in Devon at Easter.
4. Moving into our new house in June.
5. Celebrating the Jubilee in our new house
6. Our 20th wedding anniversary in July – staying at a boutique hotel, cocktails and a curry.
7. The Olympics
8. Summer holiday in Burgundy, France.
9. The Paralympics 
10. Starting this blog at the end of September.
11. Nights out: Ed Sheeran, The Tempest at the RSC theatre in Stratford,  Kevin Bridges, Starfall and several meals out.
12. Health, happiness, family and friends.

Is it too early for an end of year round-up?
I hope not.

What are your 12 great things of 2012?
Please share xo



  1. Yay! What a great year :)

    Let me exercise my memory now... Hmmmm...

    12 great things can be:

    1- Starting (and maintaining) my tiny Etsy shop;
    2- Starting my blog;
    3- My big brother's marriage;
    4- Publishing 2 articles in scientific journals;
    5- Developing an even closer relationship with my sister;
    6- Starting tutoring Math;
    7- Completing the Reverse 100 Thing Challenge!
    8- Having found new and wonderful blogs!
    9- Seeing/listening to Radiohead alive!
    10- Seeing/listening to Leslie Feist alive!
    11- Great moments with my boyfriend;
    12- Great moments spent in Lisbon, in my September conference.

    This was a wonderful exercise! :)

    1. Thanks for your 12 great things Mopsa :)Some great personal achievements and highlights from the year. I've seen Radiohead live once - a totally sublime band xo

  2. 12 great things indeed.

    i did a post on 12 things i wanted to achieve in 2012 at the start of the year. i think it's almost time to revisit it and see how i did!

    rachel xo

    1. Great to hear from you Rachel - can't wait to see your revisited list. You have a lovely blog btw xo

  3. Just found your blog and I'm enjoying reading through all your posts. I've been working a lot this year to try to be a bit more of a minimalist and "downsize" my life. Not just the stuff, but the activity as well. I'm hoping to do more in 2013.


    1. Hi Jenny, glad you've enjoying Just a little less. Good luck with your goals in 2013 xo


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