December Goals

I FEEL SO EXCITED that December is here. It's such a special month and I want to make the most of it. 

So... I thought I'd publish my first goals list - I know lots of you already do this. I had fun putting it together and hopefully it will help me focus on making December more productive and happier.

Here's my list:

1. Choose a word/theme for 2013. 

2. Make a word collage for 2013 inspired by Laura and Niki.

3. Take part in Project 333 for a month.

4. Don't gain any weight this Christmas: Lose 5lbs then gain 5lbs!

5. Have a date night with hubby.

6. Go to a folk concert (carols, dancing and a Mummers Play).

7. See The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with my youngest son.

8. Drink sherry :)

 Go for a long walk.

10. Spend some quality time with my Mum.

I like my list. It's quite long, but I don't mind if I don't achieve all of this - just a few things would be nice.

Btw... if you haven't noticed I've updated my simple pleasures list on my sidebar and given my owl a little Santa hat 

What are your goals/hopes for December? Please share.



  1. You've got me inspired! I'm with you on the weight and the date night. Oh, and I love Christmas carols too. I get pretty cynical about the holidays, but they still make me smile.

  2. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with project 333, I sounds as if 33 items is not very many, but I can see that with fewer items you would possibly enable one to buy better quality ones in the future.
    Sarah x

  3. Love you list. Good luck with project 333 and here's to an amazing December.

    1. Thanks & Happy December too:) Will post about project 333 later this week.

  4. I like your list - I am sure you will get through a few of those!

    My goals are to enjoy the month and not get too bogged down by to-do lists. And I MUST finish my homemade gifts. x

    1. I'm not a natural list maker but I think I'm going to have to rely on them this month!

  5. That is a lovely list ... lots of spending quality time with family and loved ones ... really what the season is all about ... Bee xx

  6. Im excited about Dec too! I love your list, look forward to seeing how you get on with project 333. Great simple pleasures too. x

  7. I love the idea of your December list, it's a great way to focus the mind on what's important, in amongst all the madness of the lead up to Christmas. I hope you get to do all of them! x

    1. Thanks Suzie and nice to meet you. I'll be catching up with your blog now I've discovered it xo


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