Project 333 Goes To a Party

Party outfit from project 333: blue skinny jeans, coral sequin ¾ length top, chunky twisted silver necklace, opal drop earrings, silver clutch bag and suede camel ankle boots with small heel (wearing but not seen).

Phew, I did it! I resisted all temptation to buy new party wear for my Christmas party night. Although I was wearing jeans (skinny style) I felt dressed up enough because of the sparkle from my top and silver accessories. My small heeled boots gave me some added confidence but were comfortable enough to dance in. I bought this top back in spring knowing I could potentially wear it over Christmas and I love wearing it. In the near future I would like to buy a great pair of black trousers for evening wear but I wasn't going to rush into finding a pair at this late stage. 

I shall post later today in more detail about my experiences with project 333. 

Hope you are well and in good cheer xo



  1. you look great, I admire your discipline and have enjoyed reading all your ideas and suggestions. Have a great christmas and new year! Heather x

  2. You look fantastic, well done it's a great party outfit. xx

  3. The outfit looks chic and comfortable. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! maria b

  4. Looks good! Have fun at the party! :-)

    I love having a black dress, that I can dress up for parties and dress down for work (and throw a short-sleeved sweater over in the summer). Coming up with new ways to be versatile with a small wardrobe is a lot of fun.

  5. You look lovely. A really nice, and I bet comfortable party outfit, that leaves you free to enjoy yourself and dance the night away.

    Sue xx

  6. You look fab ... love the colour ... a great party outfit ... Bee xx

  7. You have inspired me not to buy a new outfit for the two events I have coming up (New Year's Eve Party and Holiday Work Party). I have been making myself crazy trying to find the perfect thing, but really, I have clothes I can wear. And when I'm rushing, nothing I try on in the stores makes me happy. Thanks!

    BTW, your sweater looks great!


    1. Thanks Kim and great news that you are being resourceful by using existing wardrobe items. Enjoy your parties xo

  8. You look lovely and very slim too! A real yummy mummy x


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