December Goals: An update

1. Choose a word/theme for 2013. Yes my word is Focus read about it here.

2. Make a word collage for 2013 inspired by Laura and Niki. No, to be done.

3. Take part in Project 333 for a month. Yes, will update you before Xmas.

4. Don't gain any weight this Christmas: Lose 5lbs then gain 5lbs! No loss no gain! I will have to be a mindful eater over Xmas.

5. Have a date night with hubby. Not achieved unless choosing a turkey together counts.

6. Go to a folk concert (carols, dancing and a Mummers Play). Yes folk concert with band 'A State of Undress' and a folk evening in our local pub with carol singing and dancing. Both great.

7. See The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with my youngest son. Yes, he really enjoyed it.

8. Drink sherry :) Oh yeah!

9. Go for a long walk. No - will have to be after Christmas (turkey burning).

10. Spend some quality time with my Mum. Yes,  I spent a lovely few hours helping my Mum choose some new clothes. I have been trying to help my Mum (and Dad) as much as possible in the run-up to Christmas and make time for them. I wouldn't have been able to this eighteen months ago when working full-time.

I'm pleased with my achievements and will set new goals for next month. Ten goals was a good number and any more would have been too ambitious. 

Are you going to set any goals for January?



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  1. Well done on achieving some of your goals. My new year resolution will be to read more books and less magazines, I think!


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