Poffertjes and Gluwein

A visit to the UK's biggest German market (according to the locals).
The Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas market.

Hardly the ideal outing for a wannabe minimalist. 

Well NO because we went for the experience NOT TO SHOP. 

In previous years we've walked past it hurriedly whilst Christmas shopping 

but have never stopped to take it in and enjoy it just as an event in itself. We've always been too focused on shopping. 

This year Hubs and I were determined to soak up that continental experience for ourselves. We arrived just as it was beginning to get dark, boisterous and very crowded. With all the bustle I didn't get many photos but I hope these few give you a flavour of our dusk time date.

We experienced... many colourful Christmas themed craft stalls, 

live music and carousel rides, 

sausages, sausages and more sausages.

There were also pretzels and a variety of sweet treats. We chose poffertjes - Dutch mini pancakes - hot, freshly cooked and traditionally served with icing sugar and melted butter. I chose advocaat and icing sugar. They were delicious - light, fluffy and, laced with alcohol, very warming.

After this we were in need of a drink. We avoided the jostling bars selling German beer and went in search of Gluwein. I've only drunk it inside before. However, supping mulled spiced wine from a mug whilst taking in the sights, smells and sounds of an outdoor market made it far more enticing.

We headed home while the night was still young, happy to have sampled the Christmas market experience.

Less shopping more experiences. 

That's my mantra. 
Have a great week xo



  1. Oh Claire what a wonderful experience you had - and all without having to travel to Germany!Gluhwein is delicious isn't it but of course here in Australia we don't have it at Christmas. While I once tried to avoid situations where there was some expectation of consumersism gone mad (like malls and street markets) I now find I can go without being tempted to buy something just because I can. As you say, it's the experience not the shopping and there's always the opportunity to have a treat of something to eat and drink. Hope you have many more happy experiences in the coming week. Meganx

  2. How lovely, great preparation for a magical Christmas.

  3. How lovely ... we have a similiar christmas market like this in Belfast ... it is a lovely festive experience too ... Bee xx

  4. Next year I am going to arrange a trip to our Manchester market where I am ONLY allowed to buy food and drink. I was in town on Friday and only managed to get fleeting glimpses of the stalls as I did a mad dash buying presents. You sound like you had a lovely time together x

  5. sounds lovely I'd like to do something like that, quite fancy riding on the carousel! Heather x

  6. We have found this too, that your can still take part in so many experiences without buying things. Over the past year I have also found photographing things is a good way to admire and remember them.
    Sarah x


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